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Those who sign on to the BEST Coalition will be listed here in the near future. 

If you want to sign your name to the BEST Coalition, you can do so by using the form.


BEST - Building Essential Structure Together - is a coalition of Libertarian Party members who believe the National Party should focus on certain core priorities, revolving around infrastructure.

The BEST Coalition formed when several state party leaders were speaking to one another about the immediate needs and goals of the Libertarian Party.  With National Libertarian Party leadership up for election at the LP National convention in late June, it seemed to be the opportune time to form a coalition to ask that our next party leaders focus on completing several core tasks; tasks can be achieved in the next two years.  We believe that the five items listed as the goals of the BEST Coalition will be widely accepted, and when achieved would provide a springboard for the accelerated growth the Libertarian Party.

We hope that you'll look at our platform, and sign on to the BEST Coalition.

The delegates to the upcoming Libertarian National Convention and members of the national and state Libertarian parties who have signed on to the BEST Coalition hereby declare that the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) should support the following five points of action as their main priority through 2016.


1. The LNC and staff must fully support the Presidential campaign

  • Allow for use of the national office and staff, and additional national LP assets to the fullest extent allowed by law.


    1. The LNC must focus on the two offices it is in a unique position to support--that of the President and Vice President of the United States.

    2. The Presidential and Vice Presidential campaigns and the national Party will work arm-in-arm to raise the visibility of the Party and the presidential campaign. The LNC will respect the decision made by the Delegates, regardless of who they selected, without any friction between the two organizations, to fully support the Libertarian Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

2. The LNC will implement a more balanced approach to ballot access.  

  • The LNC will provide leadership to document state-by-state requirements for ballot access with prior litigation and court decisions included.

  • Create a professional team of ballot access experts and attorneys that will lobby for changes to ballot access laws in specific states, leverage relationships to undo current laws, and litigate at the state and/or Federal levels when necessary.

  • The LNC will fundraise specifically for ballot access initiatives.


    1. Institutional knowledge on ballot access issues must be preserved and accessible.

    2. Turnover and lack of knowledge in state affiliate leadership impacts a consistent approach to ballot access in the states.

    3. By taking a proactive approach fighting ballot access laws head on, the party will be more efficient with its resources in the long run.

    4. For many states with ballot access issues that lack dedicated professional staff, this service will improve our chances for full 50 state (plus Washington, D.C.)  access.

3. The LNC will increase our presence and brand awareness in national politics.

  • Issue timely and relevant press releases via professional newswires.

  • Maintain visible ownership of the Libertarian message in media with few key
    spokespeople and/or representatives.

  • Provide consistent language for Libertarian positions on important National issues which are  easily accessible by the public and widely distributed.

  • Maintain a professional blog which is search engine optimized and utilize social media to promote our message.


    1. A professional staffer with prior media and public relations experience will help promote the Party’s message in a meaningful and positive way.

    2. Relationships with the media will be developed and then leveraged at politically opportune times.

    3. The Libertarian Party’s voice is much stronger with consistent talking points.

4. The LNC will update and maintain a modernized IT infrastructure.

  • Seek professional guidance and implementation from proven IT professionals who will work on projects such as website development, database administration, email distribution and other projects to give the party an edge in technology.

  • Priority should be given to the development of a real time up-to-date and shareable database that allows for state affiliates to opt in or opt out of its usage.


    1. Technology is one area the Libertarian Party has a fairly level playing field with the two major parties, we must take advantage of this now.

    2. We must streamline data across all mediums, including participating states’ data exchange.

    3. Turnover in state leadership impacts the maintenance and development of web site and data systems.

    4. We must take action now to solve this issue for the Party once and for all without continued resistance to real solutions.

5. The LNC will seek out professional fundraisers to raise significantly more funds.

  • Professional fundraisers should be utilized to bring in new money to the party.


    1. Fundraising is the one role that should not be put in the hands of amateurs, volunteers or those with little to no experience. We need seasoned professionals who have successfully raised money for other organizations with annual budgets many times that of the National Party.

    2. Additionally, the fundraisers will develop a sustainable model and infrastructure to raise capital necessary to complete the above requests and more.


The members of the BEST coalition will use these five points as primary selection criteria for National Party leadership at the upcoming Libertarian National Convention. The coalition pledges to evaluate ongoing progress on these requests until the next meeting of convention delegates in Orlando, Florida in 2016.